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Religious Lies & The Lying Religious Liars Who Tell Them (parts 1 & 2)

I am copying these from my blog so that you can read them in a more consistent matter. These are 10 "Lies that Gay Right Activists Tell" that some right wing group put up on their website that I decided to respond to.

You know, I just had to do this. I saw this site link from No Milk Please, and, I just had to do my own list (with apologies to Al Franken, if you ever read this). My comments are italicized.

Lie number one Opposition of gay demands for marriage is a Republican political attack against gay people.Truth: There are numerous lawmakers from both political parties who have taken a strong stand against homosexual marriage. In Michigan, Democrat Triette Reeves and in Ohio Republican Ken Blackwell, both African Americans have strongly supported constitutional amendments limiting marriage to one and one woman.

First off, it is a Republican attack against gay people that good ol' Bush himself started. The real reason why members of both parties have jumped on the anti-gay bandwagon is because they believe that America is conservative, when in fact, Americans just don't give a shit, or, if they do, they just haven't vocalized it yet. As for the naming of the African American politicians, the explanation is simple. Homosexuality is frowned upon in that community, to the excessive point of raping, beating and killing. It is even more so for African American men. Radical fanatics like those who support anti-gay legislation believe that such things as homosexuality and abortion (insert Alan Keyes) will be the end of their race. Um, so, let me get this right, you've survived the invasion of multiple peoples, slavery, racism, wrongful occupation, the creation of a social system in this nation that is specifically designed to oppress the African American people, and, you're worried about a couple of homos and a few women who realize that they shouldn't have opened up their legs. As far as I am concerned, you are sooooo short changing your race. If I were an African American, I'd take you out back and kick your ever-loving ass for insulting my kind.

Lie number two Gay marriage will hurt no one.Truth: Gay marriage removes the only barrier to marriage between any variance of sexual choices. It will hurt children because pedophiles and polygamysts will claim their "rights" under these same false objections.

So, what we have here is just stupidity. What gay activist have you seen holding signs saying "Legalize pedophilia! Molesting kids is not wrong!" or "Polygamy rocks! Having six underage wives is so hot." I haven't. I've said this before, and, I'll say it again, the only sick people in this fight are the ones who keep thinking the sick stuff up.

Lie number three There's nothing wrong with two same sex people wanting to commit their lives to one another.Truth: Many scientific reports have proven that homosexuals are at high risk in every category of brokenness, suicidal tendencies, violence, disease, and even death. Why would anyone want to encourage or support, let alone codify into law, relationships that are setups for failure? With high incidences of breast cancer among lesbians and AIDS among homosexual men, we should never accept that homosexuality is anything less than dangerous, destructive and deceptive. What's more our fundamental morals and simple conscience tell us that two individuals of the same gender were never intended nor encouraged by the Creator to engage in sexual relations.

It's true, there are many studies that prove that gays all around are more susceptible to these factors. Unfortunately, the real reason why is because of such propaganda as this. The hostility faced by many newly out gays is overwhelming, and, the pressure and hatred from family is even worse. When my mother found out that I was gay, she threatened to tell my dad saying that he would throw me out; she tried to use the secret of my sexuality to manipulate me and control me. And people, this is my mother I'm talking about; mother who is supposed to be protector and nurturer was gonna sell me out. And she's Catholic. Yeah, no pressure here, let me tell you.
As for the breast cancer incidences, this is also true. Lesbians smoke and drink more than their hetero counterparts, for the above reason. Another factor is because same sex partners don't get the insurance benefits that their hetero counterparts can, even if they aren't married.
As for the AIDS thing, unfortunately, it's not entirely accurate. African Americans from ages 16-24 are the highest growing bracket of new AIDS cases, and, most of them aren't gay. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but, I think that African Americans have passed up gays as a whole as the #1 social group with AIDS cases. Many of them aren't getting help because of the risk of discrimination, harassment by neighbors or even death. Are you beginning to see the cycle of oppression I'm talking about?
As for the "fundamental morals" and "simple conscience", my fundamental morals tell me not to kill another human being because they are something I am not. My fundamental morals tell me not to pass judgment on other people lives by hating them. My fundamental morals tell me that I should love my children above all else, including God himself (conveniently, the Bible says that too). My simple conscience tells me that I cannot hide or deny who and what I am. My simple conscience tells me that I am what my maker made me. My simple conscience tell me that I am what I am because of my genetic code, the same code you are made up of as well. My fundamental morals tell me that I should love my neighbor, even if they hate me. My simple conscience tell me that if the son of God embraced lepers and the the poor, you should be able to embrace me. But obviously, you and I have different Gods, don't we?

Lie number four Gay marriages are civil and won't affect churches or religious organizations in any way.Truth: Homosexual activists have already sued, threatened, harassed and intimidated churches and religious groups in numerous areas for so called "discrimination".

This is probably news to me and every body else I know. Suing for equal rights and treatment is not harassment. If there have ever been threats, I'm sure it's been along the lines of "I'm gonna sue you people and make you serve me in this restaurant". All real gay activists want is the civil marriage. I could give two shits if the pope ever codifies my marriage to a woman; last time I checked, his name wasn't God.
If there has been any vigilantism, it has been on the part of radical gay "gangs" who simply go and dish out to the radical right what they have been dishing to us for decades. I whole-heartily disagree with this tactic, but, as Jesus said "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." Uh, sound familiar? It comes from the same Testament that you keep pulling that whole 'God hates gays" idea from. By the way, that whole Boy Scouts fiasco was a valid lawsuit; don't get pissed off at us because you lost government funding, you're the discriminators, you don't deserve rewards from our treasury for being so.

Lie number five The Bible does not condemn consensual, homosexual sex only rape and violent sex.Truth: The Bible in very clear terminology, condemns all forms of sexual activity outside of the marriage covenant. Not only does the Bible condemn such practices, but so does every other major religion practiced by human beings.

The Bible does condemn homosexuality extensively in the New Testament, that is no lie. People keep quoting the New Testament during their anti-gay speeches. The New Testament damnation of homosexuality is based on 99% theory and suspicion (one of my professors in college used to work in archeological dig sites). During the new years of Christianity, it was often rumored that orgies went on during meetings of pagan sects of the Greek/Roman religion. These orgies were to have included fornication and pedophilia. Since it is human nature to make assumptions about things we don't know, that's exactly what happened in this case. These assumptions then became fact, then laws written into a dogma. (If you've ever read the bible, you'll notice that in the Old Testament, God gives His "no idols above Me" statement; in the New Testament the idea of paganism becomes evil itself.)
And as for the "so does every other major religion practiced by human beings" statement, that's not true either. The two oldest religions known to man are Paganism (in some form) and Judaism. Both, in my experience, have members that are very accepting and positive of gays and gays rights issues. There are entire sects of both populations that don't have any real issues with homosexuality, since both understand that their dogmas are guides for their lives, not dictators of them.

Lie number six Homosexual couples should have the same rights as married heterosexual couples.Truth: As this letter is being sent out every gay American has the same rights under the US Constitution as any other American. However, homosexuals are demanding that laws be created simply to accommodate their choice of sexual behavior.

Well, I didn't know that I had the right to get married? When did that happen? Oh, yeah, that's right, it didn't. Apparently, these people are ignoring the fact that gays get fired because they are gay, gays get discriminated against in housing, employment and in public areas (such as restaurants and retail). Gays aren't trying to push laws that give us "accommodation" for our "choice" of sexual behavior; we are trying to push laws that protect us against discrimination that we face every day. It's kinda like saying that women and African Americans have rights under the same Constitution; they all do, but, special laws had to be created for those groups to emphasize the point. I don't need accommodation for my pre-determined sexual orientation, thank you. I just want equality.

Lie number seven Opponents of gay marriage are "enshrining discrimination" into the Constitution.Truth: The gay movement's perception of anyone and anything which doesn't line up with its contrived orthodoxy is that it is immediately and unquestionably discrimination. By definition, discrimination is not always as evil as it is forced to be. To be truthful, we all discriminate everyday. Discrimination is simply another word for choice. Americans who understand the necessity of preserving the standard of marriage are not enshrining discrimination, they are maintaining what is for the common good for all citizens.

Discrimination is not a perception. Equality is not a contrived orthodoxy. All of these "big words" are a smoke screen put up to disguise these people's hatred of homosexuals. Discrimination can be used as another word for choice; it is also the crutch on which many members of our society lean on instead of opening up their hearts and minds to understanding how others live. If these people were so concerned about preserving the "standard" of marriage, they would be boycotting such shows as "The Swan", "Joe Millionaire" and "The Bachelor/Bachelorette". These TV reality shows are the true mockery of the sanctity of marriage, not a bunch of people who love each other and want to start families trying to get married.
Discrimination is the end result of biases instilled in us by our parents and our society. It is easier to lean against them and hide behind them than it is to shatter them. Hatred is using this unfounded discrimination to restrict and deny individuals their basic human rights. These people hate homosexuals, but, are too cowardly to say it. They spend all their time beating around the bush, instead of saying what they really think. It doesn't surprise me really, after all, they are such cowards that they can't even voice their own convictions, so, it only makes sense that they would be too cowardly to break the mental molds of their own biases.

Lie number eight Denying marriage rights to homosexuals is just like denying rights of interracial couples.Truth: The Loving vs Virginia 1967 Supreme Court decision stated:"Marriage is one of the "basic civil rights of man," fundamental to our very existence and survival. Skinner v. Oklahoma, 316 U.S. 535, 541 (1942). See also Maynard v. Hill, 125 U.S. 190 (1888). To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the racial classifications embodied in these statutes, classifications so directly subversive of the principle of equality at the heart of the Fourteenth Amendment, is surely to deprive all the State's citizens of liberty without due process of law. The Fourteenth Amendment requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious racial discriminations. Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State."The court made the undeniable point that marriage when it is practiced in its intended form (male-female) it literally ensures the existence and survival of the human race. The court opinions that this is a fundamental purpose of marriage. And for good reason. This is common sense logic. Homosexuals cannot in any possible way, compliment or enhance this powerful dynamic.

If you notice, these people site justices who themselves were ruling against racial discrimination being practiced against African Americans. But,in the very text of this ruling lies the heart and truth of the matter; that laws such as DOMA deprive gays of due process of law. Any organization that sites the very language being used to justify the existence of the gay marriages in the first place obviously doesn't have their shit together. Another fact; there are six billion humans on this planet. If we become extinct, it will be from our own doing. Factors such as hate, misunderstanding, willing ignorance and lack of individual thought, the very essence of anti-gay logic, are the very factors that start wars and divide peoples.

Lie number nine Gay marriage would finally mean full equality for gays and lesbians.Truth: The homosexual movement has become consumed not with simply gaining equality, but seem intent on forcing every person, institution and organization opposed to their agenda to pay a heavy price. This vengeful obsession has become the calling card of one of the most manipulative human campaigns in our nation's history.

I didn't know that the breaking of barriers and shattering of biases were considered to be "heavy" prices. I didn't know that seeking equality was thought to be a "vengeful obession". But, then again, if you are a person that would rather hate than understand, I guess you would be defensive about people who are not like you wanting the same rights you have.

Lie number ten African Americans should support gay marriage because they understand discrimination.Truth: African Americans have demonstrated over and over that they do not support discrimination. However, gay marriage is not an issue of discrimination as much as it is a issue of attempted sexual legitimacy which the public does not embrace and perhaps never will. Sexual activity is not immutable, Immutable means a thing or characteristic which cannot be changed nor it does there exist the possibility of change. Therefore comparisons between the color of one's skin and the sexual conduct of homosexuals are not valid. this is important because homosexuals have asserted that they cannot change therefore, they are to be protected as a "minority". That would be a true statement, except there are thousands of exhomosexuals (exgays) who are proof that sexuality and the expression of it is a choice, therefore does not qualify as "discrimination."

Gay marriage is an issue of discrimination. What kills me even more is that there are African American groups out there who are against gay marriage for their own kind. African Americans are fully aware of discrimination to an extent that I as a Mexican who looks pretty "white" will never understand. But, then again, I've had cops stare at me because of what I do. I've been seated at the back of the restaurant because I was with my girlfriend. I've had to fight to get served at a restaurant because the maitre'd kept pushing my name back further and further down the list. I've had people call me names while I sit and eat lunch at work. I've had people throw rocks at my car because I had a pride flag sticker on it. I've been targeted by managers for demotion because I'm openly gay. It's not like I can really hide it anyway, it's who I am.
As for the ex-gays statement. I have yet to meet or hear about an "ex-gay" whose "rehabilitation" didn't break down after being exposed to the lifestyle once again. The reality of such "rehabilitation" programs is that they beat down individuals who are insecure about their homosexuality with their hate speech against homosexuals. They pressure these people back into the hetero lifestyle without regard for the punishment they dish out, or, the eventual cost of the turmoil this treatment places inside the very soul of this person for the rest of their life.
These individuals often marry other "ex-gays" as proof that they are "reformed". To boot, they are often encouraged (read: forced) to have children as proof.
These "ex-gays" then live their lives in the very communities that they were "reformed" in. They almost never leave. The "counselors" at these places have realized the very powerful tool of nurture, and, the even more powerful effect of public perception. People are often so worried about what others think about them, they will lie in every way possible to maintain the facade of their lives.
My sexuality is immutable. The thought of a man touching me in a sexual manner is physically repulsive. There have been times were I have found myself gagging after dealing with a man who wanted to pick me up at a bar. The very "smell" of men makes me sick, literally. Let's just assume here that it's their phermones. If their phermones can make me sick, how is it that my sexuality is, changeable, like the clothes off of a Barbie doll.
If you think that sexuality is not immutable, let me pose you this challenge; you go on and hook yourself up with someone of your sex, make them fall in love with you, and you fall in love with them in turn. You go have a loving relationship with them, and, when that falls apart, go back to the opposite sex, say you're happy with them, and, I'll worship the ground you walk on for being ruler of your genetic material. Then I'll get right on about not being gay anymore.
Dare ya!


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